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Below are links to important fundamental content regarding molecular hydrogen and related areas. All of the information for the Level 1 MHF H2 Advisor test, Level 2 MHF H2 Consultant test and the Level 3 MHF H2 Professional Certification  can be found in the following articles (and also see the right hand posts):

Fundamental articles and hydrogen benefits

Chemistry of water and hydrogen gas

Hydrogen products and technical description

Ionized water history and relation to hydrogen gas

Ionized water basics

ORP: information

Free radicals and antioxidants



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Basic Chemistry Terminology

Acid – A compound that lowers the pH of the solution by donating a hydrogen ion/proton (H+) Anion – A negatively-charged ion Anode – In an electrolytic...


The 4Hs that help explain the benefits.

The 4H’s of why drinking hydrogen water often exerts benefits. These are independent points, so  just because one may not be true, does not mean that the others...


What is the Placebo effect?

Often, skeptics claim that the purported benefits of hydrogen are simply attributed to the placebo effect.  In stark contrast, many who have experienced the benefits...


Frequently Asked Questions Intro

What is hydrogen water? Doesn’t water already have hydrogen? Does adding hydrogen to water form hydrogen peroxide? All of these frequently asked questions...

What are the differences between plant-based antioxidants and molecular hydrogen?

What are the differences between plant-based antioxidants and molecular hydrogen?

Many people wonder what the differences are between molecular hydrogen and antioxidants found in foods.  This is a somewhat difficult question to answer because...

Hydrogen: What a Gas!

Hydrogen: What a Gas!

Hydrogen is one of the most fascinating elements with a wide range of uses and chemical properties.  It powers the sun in fusion, it is key to ATP production within...

Water ionizers a Medical Device? ISO 13485?

Water ionizers a Medical Device? ISO 13485?

At least in Japan and Korea, water ionizers are considered a medical device. Part of the reason is simply because of strict governmental regulations that require...

Electrolysis Intro & Misconceptions

Electrolysis Intro & Misconceptions

Electrolysis is the process used in water ionizers to produce alkaline water containing molecular hydrogen.  Over the years I have heard some interesting misconceptions...