Dr. Jianming Cai, M.D., PhD.

Senior Advisor


“More hydrogen, Better Life”


1992-1995 Ph.D Department of Radiation Medicine, Third Military Medical University. Majored in Prevention Medicine, Supervisor: Prof. Tianming Cheng & Prof. Chengji Luo.
1986-1989 M.S. Department of Radiation Medicine, Second Military Medical University. M.A. in Radiation Medicine. Advisor: Dr. Zhiguang Mai.
1979-1984 B.S. Undergraduate Management Unit, Second Military Medical University.
B.A. in Clinical Medicine.


2010- Professor, Ph.D supervisor, leading scholar in National Key Discipline Radiation Medicine. Chair of the Key Laboratory, Department of Radiation Medicine, Faculty of Naval Medicine, Second Military Medical University.
2000-2009 Professor, Ph.D supervisor, Dean of the Faculty of Naval Medicine, Second Military Medical University and leading scholar in Radiation Medicine and Nautical Medicine in our university.
1998-2000 Professor, Ph.D supervisor, Chair of the Department of Radiation Medicine, Faculty of Naval Medicine, Second Military Medical University.
1993-1998 Associate professor and Master’s supervisor in the Department of Radiation Medicine at
Second Military Medical University.
1986-1993 Instructor in the Department of Radiation Medicine at Second Military Medical University. 1984-1986 Teaching assistant in the Department of Radiation Medicine at Second Military Medical


2012 National Natural Science Foundation of China. Name: The radioprotective effects of molecular hydrogen and its underlying mechanism.
2010 The National Basic Research Program of China (973)’s Project. Name: The biological effects of heavy ion particles irradiation on cultured cells.
2010 National Natural Science Foundation of China. Name: The role of TLR4 signaling pathway in radiobiological effects and it mechanism.
2009 National Natural Science Foundation of China. Name: The effects of gamma-irradiation on murine dendritic cells and its mechanism.
2008 National Natural Science Foundation of China. Name: The radioprotective effects of carboxylfullenrence C3 and the underlying mechanism.


Executive Council Member of the Biophysical Society of China.
Chairman of the Radiation and Environment Branch Specialized Committee of the Biophysical Society of China.
Vice president of the Biophysical Society of Shanghai.
Chairman of the Radiation Medicine Branch Specialized Committee of the Nuclear Society of Shanghai.


Radioprotection and therapy of acute and chronic radiation sicknesses.
Radiation induced DNA damage and repair and its underlying mechanism.
Radiation effects on the immune system and the roles in radiation sickness.

PUBLICATIONS (recent four years)

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