The 4Hs that help explain the benefits.

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The 4H’s of why drinking hydrogen water often exerts benefits. These are independent points, so  just because one may not be true, does not mean that the others are also not. It will be helpful to read the hyperlinked articles as well.


Hype has reference to the placebo effect, which as discussed can be extremely powerful. The marketing hype and expected or non-expected benefits from drinking hydrogen-rich water can in and of themselves offer some significant health benefits. Read the placebo effect article for more information.


It is well known that most people simply don’t drink enough water. Many people are even chronically dehydrated. There are many studies, and case reports where people have been treated or their health significantly improved by simply drinking more water. In fact, dehydration of the elderly is often a primary cause for their hospitalization. Often, when people start drinking hydrogen water (or alkaline ionized water),  they drink more water and thus are no longer dehydrated.  Since the importance of drinking more water is often stressed, this assures that they are properly hydrated, giving them the benefits which accompany proper hydration.


Often, when people learn about hydrogen water, they are educated on health in general. They often stop drinking sugary drinks and consuming excess empty calories. Sometimes, sales agents require prospects to stop drinking any “unhealthy” beverages while trying the water. This is often easy for them because of the higher amount of water the are asked to drink. During these “trial periods”, people begin to alter not only their diet, but also improve on their exercise and lifestyle habits.  All of these changes also directly provide additional health benefits.


It is assumed or hoped that the primary reason for the health benefits are derived from the molecular hydrogen in the water. It is the hydrogen in the water that provides the benefits in the water above and beyond just drinking adequate amounts of good clean drinking water.  Hundreds of scientific studies have shown hydrogen to have therapeutic potential in many human and animal disease models.


In short, all four of these H’s are important and can contribute to the benefits of drinking hydrogen water. Importantly, they are not mutually exclusive.  While  you might not drink any additional water (Hydration) or make any lifestyle changes (Health), you are still susceptible to the placebo effect (Hype) and hopefully will also benefit from the Hydrogen. Sometimes it may be all of them except the hydrogen, because the hydrogen may have already dissipated out or may have never been fully dissolved in the water.

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