What is Molecular Hydrogen?

Molecular hydrogen (H2) or diatomic hydrogen is a tasteless, odorless, flammable gas.

  • Over 500 peer-reviewed articles demonstrate hydrogen to have therapeutic potential in essentially every organ of the human body and in 150 different human disease models.
  • H2 reduces oxidative stress as a selective antioxidant and by maintaining homeostatic levels of glutathione, superoxide dismutase, catalase, etc.
  • H2, like other gaseous signaling molecules (i.e. NO, CO, H2S), appears to have cell signal-modulating activity affording it with anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity, and anti-allergy benefits.
  • Article on Hydrogen as an emerging therapeutic gas

What is the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation?

Molecular Hydrogen Foundation (MHF) is a non-profit scientific organization supported by the leading international researchers (see our advisory panel) in the study of hydrogen. Our three primary objectives are:

  • advance, promote, and publicize molecular hydrogen research and its therapeutic application
  • provide a comprehensive resource for governmental, medical, and scientific professionals/organizations
  • oversee the hydrogen movement with the purpose of maintaining the integrity of hydrogen research and hydrogen products

Education & Research

MHF is the epicenter of hydrogen education and training and is the leading educational source for individuals interested in accurately sharing the scientific evidence regarding the therapeutic benefits of Hgas.

  • MHF offers three levels of training courses ranging from basic to advanced programs
  • MHF participates in research seminars and hydrogen symposiums by presenting, organizing and participating in these academic conferences.
  • MHF helps to educate medical professionals by speaking at medical and health conferences, which can often be used to obtain CEUs depending on the conference.